SOCA Coach Erick Altamiranda Earns State Coaching Recognition

COY_Award_2 (2)
Erick Altamiranda 2013 VYSA Girls Competitive Coach of the Year

At the recent Virginia Youth Soccer Association Convention, SOCA’s own Erick Altamiranda was honored as the 2013 Girls Competitive Coach of the Year for his great work in SOCA’s travel program. Erick Altamiranda has coached at almost every level within the SOCA player development model; including Recreational, Challenge, and now Travel teams. He has experienced success at all levels and in many different forms, but 2013 proved to be a particularly successful year.

Under Coach Altamiranda’s expert tutelage and knowing guidance, last year’s SOCA U12 Girls Express navigated their way to the final of the VYSA State Cup competition, and made some lasting memories and relationships along the way.
When pressed to choose a highlight from last year’s award winning season, Coach Altamiranda characteristically passed praise on to others, stating; “I will be lying if I do not say that the highlight of the season was reaching and competing in the Virginia State Cup finals. However, the best part of that year (and the year before) was the attitude of the girls and parents toward the game, and their commitment to get better. The group liked to compete and they look forward to challenges: after losing to BRYC many times, the “G-Force” rose to the occasion and finally beat BRYC in the state semi-finals! We keep very much in touch as families, even while not being their current head coach. It takes players and parents like that to inspire a coach! I also feel fortunate to have transitioned this fall to a new group of girls that is also enthusiastic and have a great attitude toward learning.”

Coach Erick, Family, G-Force, and Briana Scurry


SOCA Executive Director Bill Mueller had this to say about Coach Altamiranda’s commendation, “Erick is one of those rare, special coaches who can encourage the best from every player by setting high standards which the players then dedicate themselves to achieving. SOCA is grateful for Erick’s coaching efforts, and is proud to have such a tremendous member of the SOCA community.”

Congratulations to Coach Erick Altamiranda!
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