Player Identification

Forming the Skyline Elite

The Skyline Elite Soccer Club seeks to provide all players in the Skyline region the opportunity to train, play, and showcase their abilities at the highest available level.  Players are selected on merit.  Competition within the team is encouraged to foster greater individual player development.

Teams are initially formed via open tryouts at the U13 age group and then player performance is monitored and evaluated each season.  New candidates are encouraged to contact the Skyline Elite Coaching Staff to express their interest in joining the club.  Coaches from club affiliates and other surrounding clubs will assist by identifying high achieving players from within the Skyline region for further evaluation.  The Skyline Elite coaching staff seeks to have transparent and collaborative relationships with all clubs within the western and central regions of Virginia.  Candidates will be asked to participate in identification sessions with the current team to demonstrate the requisite player attributes.


Skyline Elite SC ID Process ID Day Schedule