SOCA to Participate in 2018 CCL PRO-23 League

SOCA recently announced plans to participate in both Men’s and Women’s CCL PRO23 beginning summer 2018.  CCL PRO23 will provide former SOCA players and current collegiate players an opportunity to participate in quality training and superior competition during the off-season summer months. The Club Champions League (CCL) operates the regional, professionally-managed, competitive, Under-23 league.  CCL PRO23 began play in June 2016 and in 2017 CCL PRO23 expanded to 35 teams from Maryland, DC and Virginia.  2018 is expected to have increased membership and be the most competitive season to date.

CCL PRO23 is a special seasonal program designed to extend college-age players a structured opportunity for high level competitive play.  The program will strengthen the relationship between SOCA and local college programs.  Although it carries the name of PRO (Player Retention Opportunity), it is an amateur league that will not jeopardize college eligibility.  Since many former SOCA players are student-athletes playing collegiately at a variety of levels, the club is excited to extend former youth players an opportunity to continue to play for their club while seeking to stay sharp over the summer break.  Players from local college programs can also be included in the SOCA PRO23 program.  A unique feature of CCL PRO23 is the option to use up to five over-age players, allowing former collegiate players to join and become role models for the next generation of players.

Teams will play up to seven division matches beginning in early June.  Division champions will compete for the CCL PRO23 Championship in mid-July.  The Championship matches will be hosted by CCL clubs, rotating annually.  Schedules, scores and standings will be posted on the league website.  To learn more about this program, please visit http://www.clubchampionsleague.com/pro23/.