Seven SOCA Players Named to Regional Pools

Seven SOCA Elite players are named to the ODP East Region pool of players.  The honor of selection to the regional pool allows players to participate in inter-regional matches under the scrutiny of top federation and college coaches.

SOCA has become a regular contributor to the regional squads as a result of the quality environment provided at the club level.  Top players are attracted to join peers at SOCA where the training, retention and development enables players to advance their game to the highest level.

Members of regional pools are observed and evaluated for consideration at the national level.

Congratulations to these players for their achievements:

Henry van Wincoop (2002)
Brad Lagrua (2004)
Nigel McLaughlin (2004)
Taylor Diminick (2005)
Michaela Easter (2001)
Jaya Daniel (2003)
Catherine Domecq (2004)