International Travel

Soccer is the world’s game and each culture has their own style of play.  Skyline Elite believes that international play is an important part of player development, allowing players to learn different approaches to the game and experience the passion for soccer that exists around the globe.

Skyline Elite (and prior to that SOCA) have been taking teams abroad annually since 2001.  Our teams have played throughout Europe in places such as Italy, the Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark and Spain.  Along the way our players have benefited from exposure to different soccer playing styles and methods.  Players also experience life in a foreign country, where the sport of soccer is prominent and a part of everyday culture.

Boys and Girls Skyline Elite teams travel each summer after their U15 year.  The overseas trip annually proves to be a notable moment of growth for young players as they are provided the opportunity to come home with a broader perspective.  Engaging players of a similar age from other countries, visiting cultural sites, eating local food, trying out a different language and experiencing life in foreign country is an unforgettable experience.  Additionally, traveling and living together, as a team, abroad, bonds our teams who return to the states more unified and stronger than ever.

Currently, Skyline Elite teams travel to Spain to compete in the Donosti Cup.  The Donosti Cup takes place in the beautiful city of San Sebastian in the northern Basque region of the country.  The teams are able to train while overseas and compete in one of the largest youth tournaments in Europe.  Along the way, stops are made in the cities of Barcelona and Madrid allowing the players to play a friendly match vs. a local Spanish club and visit two of the most storied and successful soccer clubs in the world, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid.  Expenses for the trip are outside of standard Skyline Elite registration fees and players make fundraising efforts throughout the year leading up to the trip.